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International Luggage Forwarding

Excess Luggage is an International Luggage Forwarding company. A leading name in international unaccompanied Luggage Forwarding service and the preferred choice for shipping Excess Luggage Overseas; Luggage Forwarders, Forwarding unaccompanied luggage, suitcase’s or bags to or from the UK. Excess Luggage International forwarding Company has been shipping Personal effects, personal belonging for over 10 years from the UK. Unaccompanied Luggage, Excess Luggage forwarding Agents in London, Excess Luggage company Ships personal effects and belongings from our Heathrow depot, UK. Excess Luggage forwards luggage, suitcases of effects, bags, guitars, bikes to all over the world. Extra Luggage Shipping by air cargo, low cost International luggage forwarding, Cheap luggage transfer Services, Budget Shipping, send luggage ahead  with our luggage forwarding concierge courier service from London UK for Door delivery. 

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Excess Luggage forwarding Company Free Phone UK: 0800 096 38 39

Excess Luggage Local / Int’l: + 44 (0) 845 270 7186



 xcess luggage shipping company now offers short term storage of luggage prior to shipping or forwarding from the Uk. We can transfer your Additional and overweight luggage from storage facilities in the UK to your destination. Companies like our luggage forward your belonging to you overseas. Your luggage is collected and forwarded on the next available flight or sea going vessel to your destination.  You can send your luggage ahead with Excess Luggage Forwarding Service to more than 200 cities. Recognized As a Off-Airport international Excess Luggage forwarding and Shipping Company. Excess Luggage is the right choice for shipping your effects or belongings Worldwide.

 UK-based excess luggage forwarding company that specialise in shipping unaccompanied suitcases, bags, excess luggage, skis, surfboards, golf bags and other bulky items to holiday destinations worldwide.

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·          Luggage Forward service

 Luggage forwarding

Luggage forwarding, also known as luggage shipping or luggage logistics, is a type of specialty shipping service that has been available for approximately 10 years and has grown in demand, particularly after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

 The purpose of luggage forwarding is to reduce the hassles of Luggage handling commonly experienced by airline passengers at airports. Travelers have the option to call a company to pick up bags at their home or office, then have them delivered to any destination of choice. The process is usually repeated for round-trip traveling

 Luggage Forwarders

 Luggage Forwarders, assist with small luggage removals overseas or sending luggage ahead, also known as luggage shipping is a type of specialty luggage forwarding service for Excess Luggage that has been available for approximately 25 years and has grown in demand since 1980.

 The purpose of using a luggage forwarder is to reduce the cost of excess baggage charges charged by airlines.  By shipping or sending your luggage via unaccompanied luggage services via air, or Sea Cargo to arrival port.


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Thinking of sending your suitcase ahead or forward, excess luggage, cartons, boxes, parcels or moving to? For this you have to keep a few things in mind. These are searching the different options for sending your suitcase ahead, excess luggage, cartons, boxes, parcels, Excess Luggage, moving to, immigrating to, and shipping to Asia, Africa, Europe, Far East, middle East or North America.

Luggage forwarding service worldwide from the Uk

Excess Luggage Shipping & Forwarding Company service;

Our luggage delivery service provides you with door to air port, sea port or even door delivery services for your suitcases, trunks or hold alls. Our sports equipment delivery service includes skis and boots, snowboards, golf clubs and other sporting equipment. We provide luggage forwarding services from the UK, to EU, USA, UAE and FAR EAST and other destinations worldwide, send luggage ahead so you no longer have to carry your own luggage, leave it to us to Deliver Luggage to your door or Hotel.

 We can forward your luggage from the UK to DESTINATIONS worldwide, by air freight, by sea freight and by road freight.

We are specialists Luggage forwarders, Luggage Shipping, Student shipping, Student Storage, Mini Moves, Student Excess Luggage, moving personal effects or unaccompanied and Shipping overseas. Shipping has never been so easy; our on-line freight quote system allows you to check prices. When shipping or forwarding your Luggage. Excess luggage we can supply cartons or you can use your own parcel, boxes, bags or suitcases.

Please note all personal effects; excess luggage, student shipping shipments must have must have a Valued packing list and photocopy of the consignee’s passport.

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Luggage forward, Luggage forwarding, Global Excess Luggage Shipping, Global Excess Luggage Shipping worldwide.


Luggage shipping; Luggage Shipping service, suitcase shipping, parcels service, cheap shipping.

Excess Luggage forwarders Free Phone UK: 0800 096 38 39

Excess Luggage Local / Int’l: + 44 (0) 845 270 7186



 Packing Tips;

Make sure every box / Carton / piece / luggage is somehow labeled with your last name and arrival address info. Be sure to tape all of the seams of the cartons (top, bottom and side). So that cartons do not collapse be sure they are filled to the top, using packing materials to fill any unused spaces. If you still have space then cut the carton down carefully and tape it up well.

Appliances: If possible, pack appliances in the original boxes using the original packing materials. Otherwise wrap smaller appliances in bubble wrap before placing them in cartons. Professional packing services available.

Excess luggage shipping from other parts of the world to UK, see our import page or contact customer services.

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Luggage forwarding Company to Middle, Central Africa:- Luggage Forward to Angola, Luggage Forward to Cameroon, Luggage Forward to Central African Republic Chad, Luggage Forward to Congo (Brazzaville), Luggage Forward to Congo, Luggage Forward to Democratic Republic of the Equatorial Guinea, Luggage Forward to Gabon, Luggage Forward to Sao Tome and Principe.

Low Cost Worldwide Cheap effective, Budget Forward to Luggage Shipping service for Forward to Luggage by Forward to luggage London. Forward to Luggage company delivery service for unaccompanied luggage. Forward to luggage company offer online quote for shipping UK to , air cargo to , courier service to , freight companies UK, Couriers uk, freight forwarder UK London, urgent-couriers to , international parcel sending service, shipping to uk from abroad, international parcel delivery service, freight company, courier services London, courier delivery overseas, Luggage Forward to,   international removals, shipping to Asia, shipping to, overseas removals to, shipping,

Luggage forwarding to Northern, North Africa:- Luggage Forward to Algeria, Luggage Forward to Egypt, Luggage Forward to Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Luggage Forward to Morocco, Luggage Forward to Sudan, Luggage Forward to Tunisia, Luggage Forward to Western Sahara. 

Shipping boxes to , shipping companies in London Uk, Tax refund, container shipping, cheap shipping, international shipping to Asia, relocation company, car shipping, sending boxes abroad, shipping luggage to Asia, shipping container to Asia, tax rebate, removal companies, international removal, insurance, removals, luggage, customs form, shipping to  tax refunds, container, Excess Luggage company,  Excess Luggage Company, Excess Luggage shipping.  Shipping goods, Shipping Personal Effects, send unaccompanied Luggage to, excess Luggage shipping company.  Excess Luggage discounts offered by excess luggage.

Luggage forwarding Company to Southern Africa: - Luggage Forward to Botswana, Luggage Forward to Lesotho, Luggage Forward to Namibia, Luggage Forward to South Africa, Luggage Forward to Swaziland.

Shipping Boxes Overseas:-

Luggage forwarding to Western, west Africa : Luggage Forward to Benin, Luggage Forward to Burkina Faso, Luggage Forward to Cape Verde, Luggage Forward to Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Luggage Forward to Gambia, Luggage Forward to Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Luggage Forward to Liberia, Luggage Forward to Mali,  Luggage Forward to Mauritania, Luggage Forward to Niger, Luggage Forward to Nigeria, Luggage Forward to Saint Helena, Luggage Forward to Senegal, Luggage Forward to Sierra Leone, Togo.

Need to ship boxes overseas? Need packing materials. Excess Luggage company can supply cartons and packing materials for all your moving needs We can organise delivery and collection at short notice throughout the UK We can provide insurance / enhanced Liability cover and storage facilities, we can forward Luggage boxes from anywhere in the UK to literally anywhere in the world. When shipping boxes overseas make Excess Luggage shipping your first port of call.


International Luggage forwarding Company to North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Luggage Forward to Caribbean, Luggage Forward to Anguilla, Luggage Forward to Antigua and Barbuda, Luggage Forward to Aruba, Luggage Forward to Bahamas, Luggage Forward to Barbados, Luggage Forward to British Virgin Islands, Luggage Forward to Cayman Islands, Luggage Forward to Cuba, Luggage Forward to Dominica, Luggage Forward to Dominican Republic, Grenada, Luggage Forward to Guadeloupe, Luggage Forward to Haiti, Luggage Forward to Jamaica, Luggage Forward to Martinique, Luggage Forward to Monserrat, Luggage Forward to Luggage Forward to Luggage Forward to Netherlands Antilles, Luggage Forward to Puerto Rico, Luggage Forward to St. Kitts and Nevis, Luggage Forward to Saint Lucia, Luggage Forward to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Luggage Forward to Trinidad and Tobago, Luggage Forward to Turks and Caicos Islands, Luggage Forward to Virgin Islands (US). 

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Student Shipping, Student Moves, door-to-door Luggage shipping.

 International forwarding Luggage Company to Central America, Luggage Forward to Belize, Luggage Forward to Costa Rica, Luggage Forward to El Salvador, Luggage Forward to Guatemala, Luggage Forward to Honduras, Luggage Forward to Mexico, Luggage Forward to Nicaragua, Luggage Forward to Panama.

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 International Luggage forwarding Company to South America, Luggage Excess Argentina, Luggage Excess Bolivia, Luggage Excess Brazil, Luggage Excess Chile, Luggage Excess Colombia, Luggage Excess Ecuador, Luggage Forward to Falkland Islands, French Guiana, Luggage Forward to Guyana, Luggage Forward to Paraguay, Luggage Forward to Peru, Luggage Forward to Suriname, Luggage Forward to Uruguay, Luggage Forward to Venezuela.

 Excess Luggage Company offers a luggage forwarding service for extra luggage, suitcase, shipping excess luggage from UK, United Kingdom, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and southern Ireland suitcase shipping services, which means no heavy bags to carry or waiting at airport for your luggage to arrive. Send a Suit case to Australia / New Zealand door to door from the Uk, luggage forwarders can ship Suitcases to India / Delhi, door to door shipping service to USA / North America, send boxes, parcels, luggage, baggage. Excess Luggage removals, Sea Freight, Air Freight, International Freight, Shipping Services, Sending Baggage, Parcel Delivery, Samples, furniture, bikes, motorbikes, and scooters, to Major cities Worldwide. Ship, send extra bag, bags  to send || send personal effects ||Send a suit case; suitcases from Leicester UK to || send  a bag, bags  to || Send Extra suit case; suitcases from Newcastle UK to  || Send a suit case; suitcases from Glasgow UK || Send a suit case; suitcases from Dundee UK to || Send a suit case; suitcases from Scotland UK to || Send a suitcase; suitcases from Wales UK to || Send baggage ship suitcases from Northern Ireland UK to || Send extra suit case; suitcases from England UK to || Send a bag, ship suitcases from Manchester UK to  || Send extra suitcases from Birmingham UK to  || Send a bag, ship suitcases to  || send Personal Effects || Send a suit case, suitcases from South London UK to || Send a suit case, suitcases from West London UK to || Send Extra baggage|| Send a suit case, Personal Effects or suitcases from East London UK to || Send parcels to || ship parcels to  || send luggage to, ship excess luggage,  ship furniture,  ship Excess Baggage, send excess Luggage, send  a vehicle, ship a vehicle, ship a container to, send luggage ahead to, send goods to, ship goods to from UK. Send your Luggage abroad / overseas, Send luggage abroad to, send luggage Europe, Excess luggage courier service to Asia. Luggage forwarding service to from The UK, luggage forwarding courier service from London. Excess baggage by air freight or air cargo from London UK to Africa, excess baggage removals from London, Send Extra baggage from London, unaccompanied luggage services from uk; unaccompanied baggage uk; airport excess Luggage; excess luggage company shipping London; excess Luggage company uk. Luggage Service. Luggage shipping service to Singapore. Luggage service. Get a xcess Luggage shipping quote for sending Extra luggage to, service is provided by excess luggage Ltd UK, Excess Luggage shipping company Hounslow. Luggage delivery service. Send a suit case; suitcases from North East London UK to Middle East || Luggage forwarders to worldwide destinations. Luggage forwarding company based in London; Hounslow near Heathrow airport for your entire shipping requirement from the UK. Excess Luggage shipping London to Far East. Excess Luggage shipping London to South America. Excess luggage company, Sea Freight shipping, Air Freight and air cargo service, International Freight, Shipping Services, Sending luggage, Parcel Delivery, UK, Extra Luggage, extra suitcase, Excess Luggage Europe. Unaccompanied Personal effect shipping, Low cost budget excess luggage shipping, Luggage Forwarders.

 Excess International Luggage forwarding Company to Northern America, Luggage Forward to Bermuda, Luggage Forward to Canada, Luggage Forward to Greenland, Luggage Forward to Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Luggage Forward to United States, Luggage Forward to USA, Luggage Forward to US.

 International Luggage forwarding Company to ASIA; Luggage Forward to Afghanistan, Luggage Forward to Armenia,  Luggage Forward to Azerbaijan, Luggage Forward to Bangladesh, Luggage Forward to Bhutan, Luggage Forward to Brunei Darussalam, Luggage Forward to Cambodia, Luggage Forward to China,  Luggage Forward to Hong Kong, Luggage Forward to India, Luggage Forward to Indonesia, Luggage Forward to Japan, Luggage Forward to Kazakhstan, Luggage Forward to Korea, North, Korea, South, Luggage Forward to Kyrgyzstan, Luggage Forward to Laos, Luggage Forward to Macao, Luggage Forward to Malaysia, Luggage Forward to Maldives, Luggage Forward to Mongolia, Luggage Forward to Myanmar (ex-Burma), Luggage Forward to Nepal, Luggage Forward to Pakistan, Luggage Forward to Philippines, Luggage Forward to Singapore, Luggage Forward to Sri Lanka, (ex-Ceilan), Luggage Forward to Taiwan, Luggage Forward to Tajikistan, Luggage Forward to Thailand, Luggage Forward to Timor Leste (West), Luggage Forward to Turkmenistan, Luggage Forward to Uzbekistan, Luggage Forward to to Vietnam.

 How to send my luggage by air to Pakistan?

 Luggage Forwarding Company to EUROPE; Albania, Luggage Forward to Andorra, Belarus, Luggage Forward to Bosnia, Luggage Forward to Bulgaria, Luggage Forward to Croatia, Luggage Forward to European Union, Faroe Islands. Luggage Forward to Gibraltar, Luggage Forward to Guerney and Alderney, Luggage Forward to Iceland, Jersey, Luggage Forward to Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Man, Island of, Luggage Forward to Moldova, Luggage Forward to Monaco, Luggage Forward to Norway, Luggage Forward to Romania, Luggage Forward to Russia, Luggage Forward to San Marino, Serbia & Montenegro (ex-Yugoslavia), Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands, Luggage Forward to Switzerland, Luggage Forward to Turkey, Luggage Forward to Ukraine, Vatican City State.

 I want to send a box back to Spain ?

 Luggage Forwarders to EUROPEAN UNION; Luggage Forwarders to Austria, Luggage Forwarders to to Belgium, Luggage Forwarders to Cyprus, Luggage Forwarders to Czech Republic, Luggage Forwarders to Denmark, Luggage Forwarders to Estonia, Luggage Forwarders to Finland, Luggage Forwarders to France, Luggage Forwarders to to Germany, Luggage Forwarders to Greece, Luggage Forwarders to Hungary, Luggage Forwarders to Ireland, Luggage Forwarders to Italy, Luggage Forwarders to Latvia, Luggage Forwarders to Lithuania, Luggage Forwarders to Luxembourg, Luggage Forwarders to Malta, Luggage Forwarders to to Netherlands, Luggage Forwarders to Poland, Luggage Forwarders to Portugal, Luggage Forwarders to Slovakia, Luggage Forwarders to Slovenia, Luggage Forwarders to Spain, Luggage Forwarders to Sweden, Luggage Forwarders to United Kingdom.

 Send Holiday luggage back to Dubai?

 Luggage forwarding Company to MIDDLE EAST; Luggage Forward to Bahrain, Luggage Forward to Iraq, Luggage Forward to Iran, Luggage Forward to Israel, Luggage Forward to Jordan, Luggage Forward to Kuwait, Luggage Forward to Lebanon, Luggage Forward to Oman, Palestine, Luggage Forward to Qatar, Luggage Forward to Saudi Arabia, Luggage Forward to Syria, Luggage Forward to United Arab Emirates, Luggage Forward to UAE, Luggage Forward to Yemen.

 Cheap way to send back excess luggage to Australia? 


Luggage forwarding Company to OCEANIA; Luggage Forward to Australia, Luggage Forward to Fiji, Luggage Forward to French Polynesia, Luggage Forward to Guam, Luggage Forward to Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Luggage Forward to Micronesia New Caledonia, Luggage Forward to New Zealand, Luggage Forward to Papua New Guinea, Luggage Forward to Samoa, Samoa, American, Luggage Forward to Solomon, Islands, Luggage Forward to Tonga, Vanuatu.


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