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Uk Import Services.


Send Luggage Overseas ?

Thinking of sending luggage overseas or you traveling out of the UK, returning back home to an oversea address then Excess luggage UK can assist you to send luggage overseas from the UK to worldwide destinations shipping to AUS NZ RSA USA CAN UAE ASIA

What is Luggage Shipping Service ?

A luggage shipping service is an alternative to checking bags when traveling by air. Your bags will be picked up from your house and shipped to your destination, usually via air services are offer by sea and road. Luggage shipping service in the UK, London is provided by excess luggage company.

Luggage Transfer ?

Luggage Transfer service offer by excess luggage company uk varying from sending or transferring luggage for airport to home or even to transfer luggage from Hotels back to the Uk, Transferring luggage between oversea address. Luggage transfer service is for those people who are always on the move and need their luggage transferred to they new address or hotel, or even luggage transfer to Business address. Luggage transfers to UK EU AU NZ SA US UAE.

Cheap Luggage Shipping

Cheap Luggage Shipping services are also provided for sending luggage to worldwide destination, Intl Shipping to UK EU AU NZ SA US UAE ASIA.  Cheap luggage shipping service is our bronze service to arrival airport or Seaport, these services are designed to provide cheap and cost effective luggage shipping service to suite your budget.

Send Luggage Ahead. Luggage Shipping | Luggage Transfer

Now that economy airlines are cracking down on carry-on items and charging for checked baggage, you might want to ship your luggage ahead to your destination via Excess luggage send ahead service called baggage first. You won't need to wait on check-in lines, at baggage carousels or lug your Luggage   through the airport. So if you are traveling to the EU, AU NZ US overseas then you can send your luggage ahead of you with our baggage first service. We can save you time and make your travel easier with our luggage ahead service.  Remember Baggage first service from Excess Luggage.

Some Important Points to remember when Shipping Luggage ahead to AUS NZ RSA USA CAN UAE ASIA.

Always, always, always call your hotel in advance! Let them know your luggage will arrive early and ahead of your arrival.. In most cases, the hotel will be happy to store the luggage until you arrive. But in some cases, storage charges may apply. Also, if the hotel is not aware of the delivery, they may turn away the package, leaving you luggage-less.


Intl Luggage Shipping UK EU AU NZ SA US UAE 300 Countries.  Tel:0800 096 38 39

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What are the pros of using a Luggage Shipping Service ?

Excess Luggage shipping service will deliver your baggage directly to your hotel, home, airport or seaport subject to your budget for shipping.  Since you won't be checking any bags on your flight, this allows you to:

  • Spend less time at the airport by skipping the baggage pickup at your destination; and
  • Use public transportation to reach your hotel, home instead of transporting your heavy bags in a cab or other car service.

If you are traveling with baggage that is considered overweight by an airline considering most airlines will only allow you 23 Kilo maximum per item, or your may have excess baggage, excess luggage it may be less expensive to ship your luggage than to check it with you airline. Some airlines issue hefty charges for overweight luggage, while luggage shipping services like our excess luggage company usually have several different options for shipping your luggage. So why pay excessive excess baggage charges to airlines. Use a luggage shipping company. Use excess luggage for shipping.


Luggage shipping services typically perform better than airlines when it comes to the successful delivery of luggage.



Luggage Shipping Service and Shipping with Excess Luggage?

Excess Luggage shipping company uses different airlines to obtain the best price for shipping luggage to your destination. We at excess luggage cut out the middle man and ship directly to airport or seaport of your choice. You can send your luggage ahead of your departure date should you desire. Excess Luggage shipping services offer a level of customer service other companies can't offer.



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