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We Collect, We Store, And We Deliver student storage.

Worried about leaving everything in your room over the summer or the holiday periods? Need student storage? Need cheap Storage? Do you have too much stuff and need to place it into storage? Well we have the service for you. Cheap student storage, FREE pickup and FREE Delivery student storage. Going away this summer? Contact Excess Luggage Student Storage Company. It’s Simple, Safe, Secure, Cheap and easy.


  • Excess Luggage student Storage Company has excellent student storage facilities that are free from humidity and fully alarmed. At the end of University or College term / semester the last thing you want to worry about is where you’re going to store your belonging or stuff. Whether you just need storage over the holiday period or for longer, over a gap year for example Excess Luggage student storage solutions!

    We are the experts for all your student storage needs

    • We are the experts for all your student storage needs
    • Secure, Short term storage or long term storage
    • FREE  Cartons / cardboard boxes, bubble wrap
    • Competitive pricing, safe and secure.
    • Friendly, professional advice
    • Great student offers 10% off storage and packaging

    Stick to your budget

    Student storage that won't break the bank. 

    Big or small, we do it all.  Excess Luggage Student Storage Company is the affordable, easy, safe and secure solution for parents and students. Our pick-up, storage and delivery service simplifies the university / college move-in and move-out process making it convenient and stress free.

    University / College and Summer Storage

    When compared to other options, such as self-storage or doing-it-yourself, The Student Storage option is safer, convenient and more affordable. You can leave your possessions with us, including your important coursework and textbooks, and be sure that they won’t be damp or damaged on your return.

    Out of term self storage - ULU Students Union, LSE student storage near London.

    Excess Luggage Free Phone UK: 0800 096 38 39

    Excess Baggage Local / Int’l: + 44 (0) 845 270 7186






    Student Abroad Services

    You can have peace of mind during your time abroad. The Excess luggage Student Storage Company will keep your belongings safe and secure in a climate-controlled warehouse..

    Student Shipping Agent

    When things need to come home for the summer or after your studies, you can ship them with us. Our student shipping service assures the highest quality service. Many of our customers choose a combination of our storage and shipping service allowing them to leave behind what is not needed and ship the rest home. We invite you to put us to the test and let us help you make your move-out simple and easy For more information please contact our customer services department free on 0800 096 38 39


    The Student Storage How it Works:

    1.    Select your Location and fill out the online order form. A £30 deposit
           is required to reserve your space.
    2.    We deliver free packing materials (boxes, tape & bubble wrap) to your
    3.    We pick up all your items you wish to store on a scheduled day from you.
    4.    Your items will be stored over the summer or holiday period in a secure warehouse,
           climate-controlled facility.
    5.    During the summer months visit our website and fill out a redelivery
           form to schedule the delivery of your items.
    6.    It's that simple!

    Why it Works
    •  Simple, secure, affordable, effective, logical, and a whole lot  easier than
        doing it yourself.
    • Hassle free system designed to be convenient for parents and students
    • No loading, transporting or van hiring and unloading.
    • All packing materials are provided FREE!
    • Professional moving companies handling your possessions.




    Excess Luggage Student Storage Delivery and collection Service.

    ·          Can the day and time for delivery / collection / redelivery be specified? 

    Yes the day for delivery, collection and redelivery can be specified. If the collection, delivery or redelivery address is in a city serviced by our own excess luggage Storage company drivers you will receive a SMS message prior to your collection, delivery or redelivery indicating the time allocated / delivery slot our driver will be with you. This is an estimated time and depends on traffic conditions. The driver is allocated 15 minutes for your delivery, collection or redelivery.
    Please note that on our standard Collection, delivery or redelivery in a city / town not services by excess luggage storage company an appointed agent / agents will collected or delivery your goods, we are unable to give you a specific time-slot. You do not need to be available to receive our empty packing cartons as long as you provide us with information about a safe place where they can be left, i.e. in a shed or with a neighbour etc. When your packed excess Luggage, excess baggage or student storage is collected, you or a trusted friend or relative must be present. You must inform us if you leave it with someone else for collection. When we redeliver your student baggage, luggage, boxes, etc or  excess baggage at the final address, you or your nominee has to be available to receive the shipment.  Failure will result in redelivery fees being applied.

    ·          If I order my empty cartons today, when can they be delivered? 

    In the UK  we can deliver the cartons the next day (except Sundays) with the exception of Greater London. if you order them before 14.00. In other regions it may take up to 2 – 3  working days.

    ·          What happens if I exceed the 30 kilo maximum weight per item? 

    You can avoid exceeding the maximum weight of 30 Kg per carton by avoiding heavy items, such as books, photo albums, CD’s and DVD’s as these quickly accumulate weight. If you wish to send a lot of heavy items, please use a Standard Carton (Book Box) as that is stronger and holds proportionally more weight than a Large Carton (T-Chest). All cartons and items are weighed upon collection within our services area, however all goods collected out side of our services area by an appointed agent then goods are check weight upon arrival at our storage facility. If upon on arrival at the Excess Luggage storage company depot, should one of your cartons or items exceed the maximum weight per item, you will be charged accordingly. So, please ensure you check the weight of your items if you can; most bathroom scales can be used. The reason for 30 kilos is due to Health and safety of our employees and agents.



    Student  storage  packing cartons and packing material

    ·          Are there charges for empty cartons? 

    There is no charge for our specifically designed shipment cartons. It is difficult to anticipate how many cartons you may require to pack your personal effects / personal belonging for student storage, excess baggage or excess luggage. we encourage you to order a few extras to be delivered. Our standard pack is two cartons a roll of tape and two meters of bubble wrap supplied free.  Additional cartons and bubble wrap available at extra cost.  Excess Luggage Student Storage Company will take a non-refundable deposit when you place an order .This is not an extra charge and will be deducted from your final charge.

    ·          Can I use my own cartons / cases? 

    Yes off course you can, but please ensure that your cartons are made of strong cardboard and are taped well. If you are unsure, please use our cartons, which are chemically hardened and specifically designed for Student storage and international sea and air shipping of student belongings, excess luggage and excess baggage. If you do send your own cartons, please provide us with their exact dimensions (length, width and height) so we can give you an exact quote.

    ·          Do you accept my suitcases? 

    Yes, we at excess Luggage student storage company will accept suitcase holdalls and backpacks. Please look at ‘Other Items’ to see a complete list of excess baggage we accept. Please provide exact dimensions (length, width and height) as this allows us to give you an accurate quote.

    ·          Do you provide FREE packing material for student shipping? 

    YES, We provide FREE packing cartons for over 100 kilo’s of unaccompanied shipping, which are specifically designed for long-distance international shipping of excess baggage, excess luggage for student overseas moves to protect your excess..

    ·          How long can I keep the cartons for? 

    There is no time limit. Please do not leave the delivery of your empty cartons till the last minute, allow yourself plenty of time to pack.

    ·          How much notice should I give for the redelivery of my personal belongings? 

    You should contact us minimum 3-5 working days prior to your preferred redelivery so we can prepare your final invoice. Once you have paid the outstanding balance we can arrange for your personal belongings to be redelivered to your original collection address.

    ·          What is included in Student storage charges? 

    Excess Luggage storage Company will deliver packing materials which includes bubble wrap, rolls of tape and the storage cartons you request to your address. Once you have completed packing your personal belongings for storage we collect the cartons / boxes from your address to safely store them while you are away and redeliver them to your address in the same town/city when you want your belongings returned. We can also store suitcases, rucksacks and holdalls.

    ·          When do I pay my final invoice / bill? 

    Your final invoice will be prepared at the end of the storage period. The cost of storage includes the week of collection and redelivery, that is, from Monday of the week of collection up to and including Sunday of the week of redelivery. 



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