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Air Cargo & Sea Cargo to Auckland (NZ) with Excess Luggage; EOS Logistics is an independent Freight Forwarding Company incorporated in the late 1999. We offer air cargo shipping to NZ; Auckland, Freight forwarding and Express air courier services to both private and commercial customers to wish to ship cargo to NZ, Auckland. We believe in steady organic growth for our company and our clients needs, our private and commercial clients like our customer service orientated approach. We handle all modes of cargo transport enabling us to manage all Export and import requirements, be it special project cargo or the traditional movement by air Cargo, Air freight, Ocean Cargo, Ocean freight or even Express Air cargo courier service.

From our London Heathrow Airport warehouse, we handle all modes of transport enabling us to manage all your import and export requirements, be it by airfreight, ocean freight and road freight in to Europe.

In a business where any error can cause unwanted delays and unnecessary expense, Excess Luggage; EOS Logistics have built a firm reputation for outstanding door to door logistics to NZ.

Auckland; Official languages: English, Capital: Wellington, Largest city: Auckland, Other cities: Blenheim, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton and Napier.

Excess Luggage air & Sea cargo service Free Phone UK: 0800 096 38 39
Excess Baggage air cargo Local / London / Int’l: + 44 (0) 845 270 7186

  • Cargo Delivery Auckland
  • Air Cargo to Auckland from UK
  • Air Freight To Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch, and Wellington

We deliver all types of International air Freight, air Cargo and International Shipping solutions. With warehouse facilities in London Uk, Auckland, Christchurch and wellington and with over 30 years combined experience in domestic and International air cargo, Air Freight and Sea Freight, world-class tracking systems and procedures and an advanced global network of accredited customs houses, offices and agencies, we’re able to meet all your international freight forwarding requirements. Excess Luggage understands the nature of the dynamic world of International trade.

Air freight overseas to NZ; Transportation Services and cargo, UK - Cargo to Auckland daily and weekly air freight by consolidated or direct IATA flights from London, Birmingham or Manchester for commercial cargo and panic delivery such as urgent spares and emergency supplies a specialist Cargo, Air Freight Movers.  Cargo is an important part of any Logistics Network, Excess Luggage cargo logistic is a leading low cost air cargo, air freight specialist delivering International Air cargo, Air Freight solutions to or from the UK to NZ Auckland!

Most commodities are able to be transported by International Air Freight, air cargo; EOS Freight Forwarders are able to help with information as to what is able to be consigned as Air Cargo.

Many hundreds of thousands of tonnes of Air Freight is uplifted daily around the Globe. Economists often use air cargo, air freight volumes as an indicator of worldwide economic activity, in general terms worldwide air freight volumes are predicted to increase steadily over the next decades, With daily flights available from UK to Auckland capital cities most international air freight is able to be consigned and delivered within 2-5 days. It is important to ensure your goods are clearly addressed and if more than one item, to number the pieces you intend to transport. Sturdy packaging, with easy lifting points, assists with the quick and safe uplift and delivery of air cargo. Air Cargo is charged per kilogram by actual weight or the volumetric equivalent (whichever is greater).

We have established alliances with all major international airlines, which means we can provide you with the most cost effective international air cargo, air freight forwarding solutions. We also provide air cargo charter services. Our established, advanced global network of accredited customs houses, offices and agencies ensures an efficient air freight service, and our state-of-the-art electronic tracking system allows for close monitoring of your shipment at each and every stage of the journey.

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Air Cargo export Consolidation to NZ 

Excess Luggage (EOS) also provides air export consolidation for those consignees with multiple suppliers. Rather than sending smaller individual shipments, we will consolidate your cargo for maximum space utilisation. Consolidation of stock increases transportation efficiency by effectively minimizing wasted time and money. 

We consolidate twice weekly out of the London, UK, and offer weekly consolidation services out of most other global financial capital cities 

Air Cargo & Air Freight Services UK to NZ: Shipping & delivery service London, Birmingham, and Manchester to NZ: Business shipping service London to NZ. 

Cargo shipping to NZ by air cargo, air express: Luggage / baggage shippers to NZ South Auckland. Global air cargo services. 

Cargo shipping services by air to NZ Auckland from London sending commercial or personal effects to NZ by air cargo, air freight.

We offer three different levels of service to suit your budget for shipping your commercial or personal effects cargo to NZ from UK (Scotland, Wales, England, NI). 

Bronze Air: Depot to Arrival NZ Airport. (consolidated service).
Silver Air: UK; Door to Arrival NZ Airport. (express air cargo)
Gold Air: Door to Door shipping delivery service.

For more information on the services we provide by see our excess luggage by air guide.

 Freight Forwarding Services - NZ 

Freight Forwarding Services Uk to Auckland Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch, and Wellington. Freight Forwarding Service to NZ, Freight Forwarders Services to NZ, Air Freight Services to NZ : Auckland  

Urgent Air freight / Urgent Air Cargo to Auckland; NZ 

Time Critical emergency Urgent Air freight / Urgent Air Cargo transport specialist for the automotive, aviation and marine sectors. Every day, our global 24/7 emergency operations centre meet the tightest of delivery schedules for customers in the UK, Europe, USA, China, India and across the world. Contact us with your emergency Urgent Air freight / Urgent Air Cargo delivery requirements and we will respond within 20 minutes with an urgent delivery solution planned and optimized to meet your needs. With access to the full range of European and worldwide emergency Urgent Air freight / Urgent Air Cargo

 Services, we offer integrated, high speed Urgent Air freight / Urgent Air Cargo delivery solutions to Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch, and Wellington for the automotive, aviation and marine industries. 

Charter Services

Urgent air charter, helicopter charter, express air freight, courier hand carry services and dedicated road freight,  All types of Aircraft Charter services are available for almost any size cargo, Air Freight Charter Services are used for heavy/large time sensitive Air Cargo. Air Cargo Charter services are able to be organised to or from almost any centre in the world. Heavy lift Mining and construction machinery, Medical cargo and emergency goods are often transported by Air Freight Charter. With transportation connections to Auckland’s most remote towns and mine sites. 

Customs Clearance in NZ 

We can assist with all import and export clearance matters, including advice on customs tariffs, tariff concessions, duty rates and overseas trade enquiries. We liaise directly with Auckland Customs and with international shipping and airline companies to ensure faster clearance of your goods through quarantine and customs. 

We implement strict clearance procedures and efficient customs entry processes to ensure compliance and avoid unnecessary delays and minimise costs. 

If you require door-to-door delivery of your cargo, we ensure your shipments are delivered safely and on time using our integrated air, sea, and road networks. Our global service network covers key areas of world trade; all international airports and ports, so we can pick up and deliver your goods anywhere, anytime.

  • Dedicated team of in-house customs brokers
  • Organise clearance of cargo (export declaration)
  • Preparation and processing of import documents
  • Quarantine clearance
  • Same day customs clearance
  • Overnight customs clearance
  • Tariff concessions, appraisals and overseas trade enquiries
  • Fumigation, Carnet, FTAs

Dangerous Goods Movements by air cargo to NZ:

Increasingly stringent restrictions on the types of goods that can travel or be carried by air mean an additional headache for shippers. Our expertise in dealing with dangerous goods allows us to undertake collection, packing to IATA standards and dispatch by air. Our fully-qualified and certified staff is familiar with all types of dangerous goods, including pyrotechnics, paints, chemicals, adhesives and compressed gasses. Certain items are not permitted to be transported general passenger aircraft thus have to be packed for cargo aircraft, if it is possible goods of restricted goods can be specially packed for transport by air and will require extra special handling services for Air Freight, Please contact our customer services or send and email:

For more information about the carriage of Dangerous/Restricted goods by air. Air freight security procedures please contact our customer services. Tel: 0845 270 7186
Please note there are in strong security procedures in place throughout the world to detect for dangerous goods prior to loading and uplift. Mis-declaration can lead to heavy fines and imprisonment if goods are not declared correctly for shipping by the shipper.

Wooden crates Customs Regulations to NZ Auckland:

Some countries require wooden crates to conform to the ISPM 15 Regulations; To stop the introduction and spread of pests around the world" Wood packaging materials such as pallets, skids, containers, crates, boxes, cases, reels and drums and the like made from timber thicker than 6mm must now comply with international regulations. Our wooden all Export Packing and Crating services comply with the ISMP requirement for Auckland. The following countries all require packing materials to comply with ISMP 15:-

Argentina – Auckland
Bolivia – Brazil
Canada – Chile – China - Colombia – Costa Rica
Dominica Republic –
Ecuador – Egypt – European Union
Pakistan – Indonesia
Japan – Jordan
Kenya – Korea (south)
Malaysia – Mexico
New Zealand – Nigeria
Panama – Paraguay – Peru – Philippines
Seychelles – South Africa – Syria
Taiwan – Trinidad & Tobago – Turkey
Vietnam – Venezuela

Cargo rates to NZ SA cargo service NZ. Air cargo to Auckland, Air Freight to Auckland, sea Luggage shipping to Auckland takes between 3 to 7 days air freight commercial goods and supplies subject to you requirements.

Cargo Excess Baggage NZ:

Cargo Excess Baggage Shipping & delivery service London to NZ, Auckland, Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch, and Wellington.

Excess luggage Shipping & delivery service from London UK (Scotland, Wales, England, NI), to NZ, AU, AUS, AUZ, can send, Bag, Bags, box, boxes, case, cases, suitcase, suitcases, backpack, back packs or duffle bag? Low Cost Excess Baggage Shipping Worldwide, Excess baggage shipping and delivery company to NZ from London, luggage, baggage, cargo shipping services collect from your door in London, Uk and then ship your Personal belonging to NZ.

  • Send, ship a box to Auckland
  • Send boxes to Adelaide from Uk / London
  • Send, Ship extra suitcase to NZ
  • Ship suitcase, suitcases to NZ / Auckland
  • Backpack shipping service from Scotland to Scotland
  • Ship cargo from England to NZ , Auckland
  • Air cargo baggage NZ
  • Air cargo Luggage to NZ
  • Air Freight Services to NZ
  • ship bags to NZ
  • Air cargo Luggage to NZ
  • Air Freight Services to NZ
  • Air cargo Pallet to NZ
  • Air cargo Cartons to NZ
  • Air cargo samples to NZ

International shipping, student-shipping, excess-baggage whether by sea or air can appear to be a complicated and confusing process, to some destinations it is, but with years of experience in shipping and courier service all over the world we have created simple international shipping solutions. AviMo and Excess-luggage have made shipping more cost effective, easy and simple. To ship your excess baggage or urgent documents, parcels via courier service, cargo services, airfreight, sea freight, unaccompanied personal effects through our Excess-Luggage Shipping service to Auckland

Auckland excess luggage NZ: Excess Baggage NZ. Air Cargo baggage / Luggage to NZ; Auckland from England, Great Britain, United Kingdom

Excess Luggage for personal effects will require a full detailed, valued packing list of the unaccompanied, personal effects, excess baggage being shipped and a photo copy of the shipper’s passport. Personal effects, Excess baggage shipping, Excess luggage shipping, Personal effects are only permitted only for persons traveling. If the shipper is not traveling then the goods being sent will be classified as commercial goods, which can be liable to Duties & Taxes upon arrival in the country. The shipper and consignee must be the same person and must be traveling to destination. Original passport and airline tickets will be required for customs clearance. Please be aware of new customs regulations regarding reporting of cargo prior to arrival. Excess Luggage rates do not include some local charges which are related to customs clearance, such as Customs screening, which vary according to destination. Please be aware that quarantine fees will also apply and timescale for delivery averages 5 – 10 working days. To assist with the clearance of personal effects we would ask that the following is provided at time of shipment:

  • Copy of Travelers passport page with photograph
  • Copies of any visa’s or work permits
  • A detailed packing list
  • MAF Form (Auckland Quarantine Inspection services form)
  • An original, completed unaccompanied baggage form signed by the consignee, who must be the traveler / owner of the goods.

Auckland Customs & Quarantine procedures often require personal effects to be inspected. Delivery of personal effects cannot be made until both Customs and quarantine procedures are settled by the consignee. Payment can be made by cash or a cheque from an Auckland bank account (credit cards are not accepted). From January 1 2006, all airfreight shipments containing wooden packaging must carry AQIS approved markings.

Express Courier Services:

We also provide fast track courier service, guaranteed delivery, We would love to offer sameday couriers from London to NZ but technology is just not yet! Our overnight packages express delivery services for documents and parcels via our EOS Express Courier service. Courier Services, Courier Service London, Courier Services to UK, Auckland, London urgent courier service for sending worldwide parcels and documents courier service to NZ, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Gold Coast, Overseas Global express EOS express Firm sending urgent courier speed post letter, letter and Tenders document delivery service from the UK to NZ Auckland.

Excess Luggage Free Phone UK: 0800 096 38 39
Excess Baggage Local / Int’l: + 44 (0) 845 270 7186

Get an instant quote to ship your baggage and excess luggage overseas to NZ. We are experts in excess baggage shipping and unaccompanied luggage freight

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We ship from the UK to DESTINATIONS near NZ. We are a Specialists air & sea Cargo shipping company to; Get a Quote

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We offer Cheap Air Cargo rates and shipping services to NZ, Auckland from the UK, and ensure that whether you are sending excess luggage from the Uk to Auckland, Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch, and Wellington.

Air and Sea Freight Worldwide

Shipment of hazardous cargo necessitates particular care and expertise. The EOS Cargo team is trained in the handling and shipment of dangerous goods. We offer specialist advice, U.N. approved packaging and supply of dry ice for shipping hazardous medical, infectious substances, bio and laboratory samples as well as less hazardous flammable liquids and oxidizers. For commercial operations in the Oil, Mineral and Gas industries as well as charitable and government organizations.

We ship air cargo every day to hundreds of destinations world-wide and have our own weekly cargo sea freight containers to dozens of international ports. Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, NZ, Canberra, Hobart

Auckland Customs link

Auckland MAF Custom form. PDF

Excess Luggage freight Forwarding NZ. Freight forwarders, international air & sea freight, import air and sea freight, global logistics, export air and sea freight.

Shipping from NZ to UK Shipping:

Shipping from NZ to UK please see our import page to the UK or contact customer services.

  • Air Cargo Shipping from NZ SA to UK
  • Air Freight services to NZ from UK


 XS Baggage NZ; Tel: 0800 497 22 44


UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) provides expert trade advice and practical support to UK-based companies wishing to grow their business overseas. UKTI can assist you on every step of the exporting journey. Whatever stage of development your business is at, They can give you the support that you need to expand and prosper.

Please below a list of Suburbs in and round NZ cities likes of Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch, and Wellington: Auckland we can ship to from the UK  Towns and Cities: Aberdeen; Belfast; Birmingham; Blackburn; Blackpool; Bolton; Bournemouth; Bradford; Brighton; Bristol; Cambridge; Central London; City Of London; Colchester; Coventry; Crawley; Derby; Dudley; Dundee; East London; Edinburgh; Eastbourne; Exeter; Glasgow; Gloucester; Huddersfield; Ipswich; Kingston upon Hull; Leeds; Leicester; Liverpool; London; Luton; Manchester; Middlesbrough; Milton Keynes; Newcastle upon Tyne; North London; Northampton; Norwich; Nottingham; Oldham; Oxford; Peterborough; Plymouth; Poole; Portsmouth; Preston; Reading; Rotherham; Sheffield; Slough; South London; Southampton; Southend-on-Sea; St Helens; Stockport; Stoke-on-Trent; Sunderland; Sutton Coldfield; Swindon; Telford; Walsall; Watford; West Bromwich; West London; Wolverhampton; York.

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