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Security / Handling

All luggage, baggage / personal belongings sent by Air / Sea require a comprehensive packing list, and completed security declaration form to comply with the UK 1990 Aviation and Maritime Security Act. This is a legal document and is bound by international law and the consequences of mis-declaration under the above Act can lead to criminal prosecution.
All luggage / goods will be subject to X-Ray or hand search at complete discretion of Excess Luggage as per our security policy and or Airline Security. All Excess Luggage, Excess Baggage will be kept in a holding area for a mandatory minimum period of 24 hours.

We require a Valued packing list, along with a Photocopy of the Shipper's Passport for security and customs clearance. Due to health & safety, we request the luggage / baggage is kept to a maximum weight of 31 kilos. If items are found to be in excess of the weight limit additional fees will apply.

£25.00 Handling fee is applicable to all consignments
£10.00 U.K Customs fee + 15% Security charge.

Security Shrink wrapping service available at additional cost.

Free collection is available on our Gold and Silver services within Greater London M25. Collection fees are applicable on any Pick up outside Greater London M25.

A fee of £21.00 up to 30 Kilo's for collections outside of London area, overnight collection. Same day collections are available on request subject to availability.


We will NOT accept any goods prohibited under International Airline Travel Association (IATA) for transport by air within personal belongings / luggage for transport on a commercial aircraft / vessel. Examples of restricted articles (though not limited exclusively to) are as follows:

  • Aerosols
  • Batteries
  • Explosives
  • Corrosives
  • Firearms & Ammunition
  • Radioactive Elements
  • Perfumes
  • Pressurised and Unpressurised containers / cylinders
  • Paints
  • Fuel
  • Weapons

If you are unsure about any goods you are intending to ship, please call us ! Certain categories of restricted items can be shipped separately via one of our freight services but once again, these MUST abide by IATA regulations. Tel: 0845 270 7186

Insurance / Extended Liability

We can cover goods being shipped with us under our extended Liability Cover please see below. As of 15th January 2005 baggage / shipping / Cargo forwarding companies are no longer allowed to offer Insurance for goods being shipped directly to consumer. This is a new EEC regulation. However Excess Luggage are allowed under our liability to cover goods being shipped with us to.

  1. Excess Luggage owner packed Extended Liability cover goods for the Bronze / Silver / Gold services. Cover is for Total loss, Theft, or non delivery of any shipping packages. a Valued packing list will be required for all items being shipped. The minimum Charge is £15.00 GBP or 5% of the value of goods which ever is greater. This liability covers you from Door to Air / Sea Port, Door. All consignments are subject to £150.00 GBP excess handling fee. Excess Luggage maximum Liability cover limit will be of £2000.00 GBP for any one consignment or SDR special drawing write as per our terms and condition (Glass , Ceramic and perishable items not covered) .
  2. Professional / Owner packed Insurance Cover for the Bronze / Silver / Gold / Seaport and Door to Door sea delivery services cover is for All Risk Cover for replacement Value. This cover can now be obtain from your independent Insurance Broker for cargo / marine insurance. Most brokers would be quoting on a minimum 75.00 subject to value of goods being shipped. The broker will require a valued packing list for items being shipped. Excess luggage recommends that you take independent insurance cover. All consignments are subject to the insurance underwriter's policy conditions.

    You can arrange insure/ cover for your goods from as little as £100.00 to £25'000.00 or even more. quotes can be obtained from following:

    Tower create Solutions:
    Tel: 01943 885000
    Fax: 01943 604134

    Amilcroft Insurance:
    Tel: 01892 509000
    Fax: 01892 509020

Any goods not covered under our Extended Liability Cover are carried at the owners risk, Extended liability cover must be taken at the point of collection and must be written on the Consignment Note and a full valued packing list provided. The company Excess Luggage Ltd. will hold no responsibility for insurance. all Goods carried subject to our trading Terms & Conditions 2005.

Packing Guide

Excess Luggage supply robust board cartons and packing free of charge for personal effects. This is pending to your weight, customers with baggage or personal effects over 100 kilos will receive free cartons. A £5.00 deposit per box is required, which is deducted from your final bill. We can supply bubble wrap and crepe paper for fragile items. Please ensure that packing materials are ordered at the time of booking.

Remember, packing is a matter of commonsense, don't overload individual items maximum weight we will carry is 30 kilo per carton or suite case this due to Health & Safety. Over weight items are subject to a handling charge of £25.00 per item.

Do use the recommended cases for large or fragile objects such as computers, televisions or hi-fi's. Please use picture boxes for framed paintings, posters and the special reinforced cartons for books. Pack delicate objects in the centre of the carton and surround with soft or protective materials. To pack bikes in their special cartons these can be obtained from Halfords or bike retailers, remove the front wheel and pedals turn the handlebars through 90 degrees.

If you live in a block of flats were there are no lift facilities, we kindly ask you to bring your Excess Luggage / Boxes, Cartons to the ground floor once our driver has announced his arrival. Please. For Luggage / Baggage over 6 items or domestic appliances and furniture, a secondary man rate will apply at £25.00. Professional packing is available for delicate items or very large shipments, please contact Customer services on Tel: (0)845 270 7186 / 0208 577 0033

Professional Packing Service

Excess Luggage can provide professional packing service to pack your household and fragile item,Our charge for packing is £25.00 per man hour. we also make made to measure packing crates for should you require. please contact our customer services.TEL +44(0)845 270 7186.