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“Breakfast in Beijing, Lunch in London, Baggage in Bogota”

The airline Industries oldest joke reflects the fact that the baggage handling remains one of the biggest operational challenges for the Airlines and airport operators in the 21st Century. For airlines lost or delayed luggage / baggage causes more customer dissatisfaction and inconvenience than any other factor of flying.

Airline Delayed Luggage

If your luggage / bags have been delayed, the airlines typically have ways to track them, and about 98 percent of all misplaced luggage is located and returned and delivered to the recipient eventually. If your bags are on the next flight, you could have them within a few hours of the flight arriving into the airport. How ever if the airline or the airlines handling agent has sent them to the wrong airport, it could take a couple of days to get your luggage.

Lost Luggage /Delayed Baggage delivery:

AviMo Express Luggage, baggage first delivery service would like to apologize to you on behalf of our handled airlines. We do understand the inconvenience this causes and assure you that every effort is made by the airlines to locate the lost, delayed luggage / missing baggage. We will try to reunite you with your luggage as soon as possible.

Delivered Bags : So how does it work?

AviMo Express Luggage airline mislaid baggage services we will make every effort to return your mislaid, delayed baggage / luggage / bags/ suitcases to you as soon as possible, once your airline has located your bags / luggage / baggage / suitcases. The airline will advise us AviMo Express Luggage by a SITA message a baggage delivery order (BDO File ref), Property Irregularity Report (P.I.R) in this message we would be advise your delivery info.

Upon receipt of this information our staff in the terminal building will collect your luggage from the airlines and process them through Uk Border Control Customs. This process can vary from 5 minutes to a few hours subject to the content of your bags / luggage / baggage / suitcases. Please note that AviMo express luggage have no rights to ask UK Border Control to fast track your baggage. AviMo, Baggage First delivery by the airline, a SMS Text message is sent to your Cell /Mobile/Landline telephone advising of your luggage is in the process of being cleared from UK Customs.

Having been cleared through UK Border Control your bags / luggage / baggage / suitcases will be sent on our sorting depot and then placed on a delivery routes. Upon arrival at our depot your lost / delayed baggage is reconciled against postcode database. Once this has been completed, a second SMS message is sent by Baggage First delivery at point of dispatch advising you of delivery. The baggage is then dispatched on set routes planned for efficient and effective delivery to your address within the terms and conditions agreed with your airline. We will make every attempt to ensure your baggage is delivered to you on time or ASAP but times we are at the mercy of the London traffic and sometimes the passenger not being home to accept delivery.

Mislaid Luggage

Online Tracking of Misrouted Luggage tracking system is available via the Internet. This Internet site is linked to our mislaid luggage database giving the passengers live information regarding their misrouted luggage and the expected time of arrival.

Passengers can only access their unique file, by using their full file reference number supplied by the airlines, passengers last name or given name to the airline when filing a the mislaid or delayed luggage claim along with the delivery postcode.

Express Luggage has received excellent feedback from passengers, who have used this system along with our live operator system. This is another enhancement dedicated to our customer service.

Please enter the full reference number given to you by the airline.

Example: LHRGF12345.  UK Post Code: TW5 0TE your details will only appear once your airline has notified us of a pending delivery.


Standard same day London / Greater London

Delivery times in London vary from 4 to 8 hours after customs clearance. Standard Overnight

Deliveries outside of Greater London or excess of 50 Miles area on a next day basis.

Special Delivery Service

A dedicated Vehicle is sent from airport or depot to your door and is delivery is effected ASAP.

This delivery can only be authorized by your airline. AviMo Express Personnel are not allowed to upgrade deliveries with out authority from airline.

The delivery personnel will require a signature from you upon delivery, failure to provide a signature will result in the luggage being returned back to depot. If you are not home we will attempt to delivery your luggage to a neighbour, failing this we will leave a calling card and the luggage will be returned back to our depot of delivery to you the following day. Please not if you live in a tower block or an apartment building with door entry system where access can not be gained or without any lifts we would request you to come and collect your luggage from the Vehicle.

Weekend deliveries out side of London may take slightly longer due to no overnight services in the UK being available.  

For further information with regards to your lost baggage/luggage please contact our BaggageFirst delivery customer services on: +44 (0) 845 270 7186. Alternatively you may choose to email us with your enquiries at  

  Prevention or counter measures you can take:  

Put your name on the outside and inside of your bags. Even better, put a copy of your itinerary in each checked bag so the airline can locate you.

The most common causes of lost and delayed bags are late check-ins and tight connections. Avoid both when you can.

Make sure the person who checks your baggage attaches the correct destination ticket to every bag, and get a claim ticket for each.

Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on bag so that you'll have something to wear if your checked bag is delayed or goes for walk about.

Pack all valuables in your carry-on bags. Cameras, computers, medication, wallets, heirlooms, jewelry, passports, as well as confirmation numbers, itineraries, contact information and other documents necessary to your travel should not be in your checked baggage.

Itemize. It sounds tedious, but when an airline asks what was in your bag, you don't want to forget anything of value.