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Barrel Shipping ,Air Cargo to Zimbabwe
Barrel Shipping to Zimbabwe, Air Cargo to Zimbabwe, Courier service to Harare; Car, Van shipping to Zimbabwe

If you’re looking to ship barrels or goods via air cargo to Zimbabwe, or Africa, we at excess luggage are the right people for the Move your barrels and Cargo. Air and sea cargo shipping services to Zimbabwe. Air and sea weekly services from the UK. We provide you with all documentation for Zimbabwe regulations.

We can cater to your need anywhere in the UK to destinations in Zimbabwe, including shipping cars and vans to Harare and Bulawayo.

Barrel Shipping to Zimbabwe:-

Ship Drums / Barrels to Zimbabwe.
We ship Drums / Barrels to Zimbabwe by sea, we can collect from your doorstep, ship your Drum/ Barrel to Zimbabwe.
This is a cost effective and reliable way to send your goods to Zimbabwe on our weekly service. All Drums / Barrels are shipped to Zimbabwe in a secure container.

  • Drums / Barrels will arrive in Zimbabwe in 6-8 weeks from the sailing date.

Excess luggage shipping barrels measure Height approx. 920mm x diameter approx. 660mm. and are recommended for all your general packing needs. They are available in metal or plastic and are strong and sturdy and delivered to you in clean and presentable condition complete with a lid and a seal. Shipping Barrels & Drums of Personal Effects.

Supply a plastic barrel

We do not restrict Customers to our packaging how ever we do request that the barrels are not excess of weight of 70Kg per barrel; We however encourage Customers to use drums for heavy and fragile goods as the packaging is safe, secure and cheap.

Barrel shipping Price to Zimbabwe, Harare by sea

Drum supply


Price to deliver a drum

Harare Drum shipping weight charge

£3.50 per kilo

Minimum weight 40Kg. Sea Freight + Duty 40% pre-paid

Collection Uk Mainland


Sea freight only UK addresses

We request that a valued packing list provided at the point of collect in the Uk.

  • Comprehensive Packing list / invoice required for customs in arrival country.
  • Full consignee details along with contact telephone number. No PO Boxes accepted.
  • No Hazardous of flammable material will be accepted or contraband.
  • 70kg maximum parcel weight

Please note barrels are designed for shipping household and personal goods, these exclude (electrical* items like, computers, Games consol’s or items of high value goods, These items will attract high duty charges like 60% these fee’s are not included in the Barrel pricing).

Deliveries outside of Harare are subject to an extra delivery fee of £50.00 per barrel.

Outsized cargo:

Cargo outside our standard packaging barrel, white goods Fridges, cookers are quoted on an LCL basis, Engines / Gearboxes- please seek our advice on packaging as used car parts may have substances and fuels restricted on Sea freight. It is important that we follow proper guidelines.

We ship from the UK to DESTINATIONS in Zimbabwe by air or sea, Including: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Excess Luggage Free Phone UK: 0800 096 38 39
Excess Baggage Local / Int’l: + 44 (0) 845 270 7186

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Air Cargo to Zimbabwe

Air cargo, freight forwarding company which specialises in providing Shipping services to Zimbabwe from UK and Ireland by Air cargo to Zimbabwe via Harare This is a cost-effective air freight service tailor-made to suit individual requirements. Air Freight, air cargo can be booked on our weekly consolidated services to Harare, or you may request for your urgent cargo to be sent on its own dedicated mater air way bill on the next flight out basis, the urgency of your cargo consignment dictates the method for shipping.

  • Consolidated air cargo service takes 3 – 6 days to arrive Harare.
  • Dedicated air freight service is next available flight to Harare or Bulawayo*

Our air cargo, air fright service is designed for companies in the uk and individuals exporting to Zimbabwe and wish to have goods arrive promptly is also useful for private individuals returning home or simply sending goods who wish to have their goods delivered promptly. Air cargo / air fright can be collected from any UK or Ireland. Next day collections services subject to bank holidays and weekends, highly competitive rates. Minimum chargeable weight of 25 kilos. We offer Flexible pricing, especially for high density or high volume shipments.

Sea Freight services to Zimbabwe

Excess Luggage offer comprehensive shipping services to Zimbabwe covering all aspects of air, sea cargo including barrels and parcel collection throughout the UK and delivery to most worldwide destinations.
We specialise in regular air, sea and vehicle shipping to Zimbabwe. We operate a full container sea services (FCL) as well as LCL  to Harare for loading cartons, items of furniture, fridges, TVs, car parts, vehicles etc. Transit time from the date of shipment to its arrival in Harare is 6 to 8 weeks with each container able to be tracked up to its arrival in Harare.

Personal effects / Excess Baggage:

Customs regulations in Zimbabwe require that all personal effects Airfreight to Harare have to be cleared with the recipient present. In addition the customer will have to settle any handling charges and Customs Duty, where applicable.

Customs Duty information:

Zimbabwe Custom Link

Car Shipping to Zimbabwe: Vehicles

We at excess luggage also Ship Cars, Vans, Minibuses, Motorbikes, Boats, Buses and Trucks to Zimbabwe via Durban, South Africa and Maputo, Mozambique.  We recommend the Durban route for Cars, Vans and Minibuses and the Maputo route for Large Goods Vehicles (i.eTrucks and Buses). We ship vehicles using both the Roll On Roll Off (RoRo) method and the container method as well, for more details the methods are explained below. It takes 6 - 7 weeks to Ship Vehicles from UK to Zimbabwe.

Container Services (20 and 40 foot) to Zimbabwe

Containerized vehicle shipping from UK to Zimbabwe. We ship to Harare via both Durban and Beira.

  • 20 foot container only has room for one saloon or 4x4 vehicle.
  • 40 foot container on the other hand can hold two vehicles.

The Durban Route

The containers are shipped from UK to Harare, Zimbabwe via Durban, South Africa. Transfers from Durban to Harare are by both Road and Rail.
For container rates via Durban please contact our export dept. UK: 020 8 577 0033.

The Beira Route

The containers are shipped from the UK to Harare, Zimbabwe via Beira, Mozambique. A transfer from Beira to Harare is by Rail only.
For container rates via Beira please contact our export dept. UK: 0845 270 7186.

Roll On Roll Off (RO-RO) Services to Zimbabwe

RO-RO method of shipping is a cost effective way of shipping as the cost is based on the amount of space the vehicle takes on the ship. Vehicles will be driven onto the upper or lower decks of the Ro-Ro vessels before being strapped securely for shipping. Most RO-RO ships sail on a fortnightly basis from UK and the transit time is usually 25 -30 days to Durban or 35-40 days to Maputo.

The Durban Route

Vehicles shipped using this route will be transferred from Durban to Beitbridge by Car Carriers. Please note Vehicles in transit to Zimbabwe are no longer allowed to be driven through South Africa. This route is ideal for Cars, 4X4s, Vans and Minibuses.

The Maputo Route

Vehicles shipped using this route will be driven from Maputo into Zimbabwe. The customer must supply his/her own driver. This route is not economical for small cars but ideal for Trucks and Buses.