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Car shipping service to Perth by Excess Luggage shipping company to Australia; Excess luggage is an independent Car / Motorbike shipping service, freight forwarding company incorporated in the late 1999. We offer containerized and roll on roll off (Ro / Ro) of vehicle shipping to Perth; Australia. For many years specialised in the world-wide shipping and transportation of vehicles of all shapes and sizes. From our head office Heathrow we can arrange the export or import of your vehicle to or from any corner of the globe.

Our knowledge and experience enables us to offer the best service for your vehicle. We routinely arrange the shipping and transportation for many types of vehicle including: cranes and vintage cars, classic cars and motorcycles, family saloons, 4x4s & SUVs, caravans, motor homes as well as brand new vehicles direct from the showroom floor.

Excess Luggage auto marine shipping service specialise in Roll-on Roll-off car shipping to and from Australia. All vehicles are handled in the same professional manner. Whilst we maintain a high standard of professionalism we are also committed to offering a very personal and bespoke service to our customers. We are always available to offer advice on any aspect of shipping or transportation of a car or motorcycle Shipping to Australia, including Perth, Sydney & Perth.

Excess Luggage Free Phone UK: 0800 096 38 39
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Containerized Car shipping to Perth; WA

montainerized. Safe and secure inside your own container. All vehicles are securely blocked, braced and tied down (lashed) ensuring absolute security during transportation.

You can also ship any personal effects inside the vehicle Perth, Freemantle, Perth, Perth, Sydney; Australia.

Approximate Shipping Prices / Rates For Brisbane, Freemantle, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Australia

Vehicle Type

Approx. RO/RO Prices / Cost   Nov 2010

Approx. Container prices /Costs  Nov 2010

Saloon Vehicle e.g Peugeot 406



4x4 Vehicle e.g. Freelander



Vans e.g Merc sprinter



2 cars (saloon / 4x4)



Roll on Roll off (Ro/Ro) car shipping to Perth; WA

Roll on Roll off (Ro/Ro). Simplest and cheapest method of shipping cars to Perth, Freemantle, Perth, Sydney, Australia. Cars are driven directly into the Ro/Ro vessel and secured to the car decks. Securely inside the vessel, wind and watertight.

Car & SUV Make:

Preparing your vehicle for transport to Australia from UK via Ro-Ro service.

  • Due to international security operating standards, please note that we do not transport goods in vehicles except for factory fitted items such as spare tyre, tools and books. Baby seats may also be left secured in vehicles.
  • Empty of any personal items including internal compartments such as the glove box, CD stackers and portable GPS devices.
  • Steam clean your vehicle before your ship to save on AQIS cleaning fee’s
  • V5C – DVLA vehicle Log book

usual dimensions of the vehicle

Customs Requirements for Australia

Shipping Cars to Australia

Before the shipping

Prior to actually shipping the car , it would be advisable to delve into matters concerning the problems that could arise when the vehicle reaches Australia. Being thoroughly prepared for the formalities involved would reduce the stress. Does the car need any physical changes to conform to the local standards? What taxes have to be paid? Is it worthwhile taking a car to Australia? The total expenditure includes the following:

  1. Freight and insurance
  2. Customs duties
  3. Entry processing charges
  4. Steam cleaning for quarantine purposes
  5. Other wharf and transport charges
  6. Costs involved in having the vehicle meet state or territory registration requirements

Importing your car to Australia

Your car will require a Vehicle Import Approval, be cleared through Customs, quarantined and registered before you can safely drive in Australia. Proper valid insurance must be available for the car. The car has also to meet the Safety requirements.

A copy of the publication called the “Guide to the Importation of Privately Owned Motor Vehicles or Motor Cycle" would give you apt information. It tells you the valuation regime into which your car falls.

The first step A Vehicle Import Approval has to be secured first from the Vehicle Safety Standards Branch of the Department of Transport and Regional Services. The permit may take 21 days for processing so the procedure must be started fairly early, long before the car is shipped. There is exemption from this rule only for a car brought back to Australia and the owner was the same at the times of export and import. You can get a form from this address.
The Administrator of Vehicle Standards
ACT Federal Office of Road Safety
GPO Box 1553
Canberra Australia 2601
For the approval, you need a visitor visa and the original overseas registration.

Customs Clearance

Customs duty varies with the type of vehicle. Goods and Service Tax and occasionally LCT (Luxury Car tax) is applied. If there is no Vehicle Import Approval, $12000 Special duty is imposed.

Transaction value method

Transaction Value is the value on which the customs duty is based. This is the actual cost price of the vehicle proved by the bill of payment if the vehicle was bought with the sole purpose of importing to Australia. Some reduction may be allowed for the freight and insurance. If proof is not available, this method is not used.

Alternate method of Evaluation- Fall Back technique

If the transaction method cannot be applied, other methods are employed. A qualified person will assess the landed value. The Customs then makes necessary deductions to arrive at the Customs value.

Import of a car manufactured in Australia

You may bring it in without paying Customs duty provided you have owned and used the car overseas and there are no Australian taxes pending. However you have to pay the GST and LCT (where applicable).

Temporary Import

A tourist or temporary resident can import a car for a period of up to 12 months without paying customs duty. For this you need any one of the following:
a. A Carnet de Passages de Douanes issued by an organization of your country of residence which has an agreement with the Automobile Association of Australia. This gives all the details of the vehicle. It is like a passport and has details of the registration number, model, color, make, engine capacity, seating arrangement, value and owner's name. A person who brings a car using the Carnet needs to provide evidence of his identity (EOI).
b. A cash or bank security for the payment at the Customs which include the Duty, GST and LCT (if applicable). This comes under Section 162 of the Customs act. It is applicable to cars which are over 15 years of age or vehicles meeting the design requirements. Your vehicle will be released only with the permission of the Customs and Department of Transport and when the Regional Service Requirements are fulfilled.

Loss of your car

In the possibility of the loss of your car in Australia, the matter must be reported at the port of arrival originally.

A point to note

When exported, all the items which were in the car at the time of import should be present in the car at the time of export.

Disposal of car

Only after satisfaction of the various requirements and with special permission only can you dispose of your car or even lend it. It therefore cannot also be mortgaged or sold or exchanged.


All imported vehicles are inspected thoroughly for poisonous weeds, insects and illnesses. Steam cleaning is done.


This is usually in the form of third party insurance. You should ideally select a good insurance plan for your vehicle and yourself.

The Motor Vehicles Standards Act of 1989

An imported vehicle must comply with the safety and emissions standards of Australia. If not, you must agree to get it modified at a prescribed centre.

Safety standards

The requirements are working headlights, working tail lights including the indicator light for the brake and turning light for changing direction, windscreen wipers in good condition, effective brakes, seat belts (if fitted) and child restraints (if fitted). The tires should be good with minimum tread depth. There should be no oil leaks.

New regulations state that the air conditioning CFC gas ( R12 ) is banned in Australia. HCFC gas (R134A) may be imported under a license. A certificate from a refrigeration or air conditioning company stating on their letterhead that CFC is not found in the car would prove useful.

Vehicle Registration

The Customs has no authority over the registration. You have to check with the Motor Vehicle Registration authorities of your state of residence to know the requirements before transporting the vehicle. The papers necessary are

  1. The current registration papers
  2. Carnet or Vehicle Import Approval (VIA)
  3. Your passport and visa
  4. Your driver's license
  5. International Driving permit
  6. Insurance.

Shipping A number of companies are shipping cars to Australia. You are given many options for selecting one which quotes rates that you can accept. The actual transport can be from your port to the Australian port or a door-to-door service. By this latter term, you hand over the car at a place very close to your residence and collect it in Australia similarly.

Definitely it is a more expensive method.

You may have to select between a trailer service and a container service for shipping your car to Australia. These services are possible only if the roads to your home are broad, without natural obstructions like overhanging branches and low bridges in order for the large hauling vans and trailers to ply. The container ensures that your car is not moved out of the container and is saved from the impact of weather conditions till it reaches its destination. RORO service whereby your car is rolled onto and off the ship directly in a ship which only carries cars. The choice is yours.

In case you are sending a representative to deliver or collect your car, give him a photo identity for identification by the company.

The expenditure involved in the transportation, for Customs clearance and the insurance covering the transport is included in the bill presented to you at the beginning of shipping. You have to make the payment in full then and trust the company. The Customs clearance will be done by them. The insurance is to cover damages possible in the transport including theft, fire and loss.

When you hand over -

The vehicle must be clean. The soil under the car must be cleaned off. Australia is especially particular about this. The antenna must be retracted. The items in the car which are not secured well must be removed. The car must have been modified to the safety standards required. There must be only just enough fuel to drive to a fuel station. Alarm systems should be disabled.

Copies of the documents necessary for Customs clearance and the Vehicle Import Approval must be handed over. Duplicates of the car keys are given to the shipping company.

The height of the car should be seven feet. If more, the company must be informed. Ground clearance of the vehicle should be six inches. If less, again this must be informed.

The car must be in a good driving condition. The tires must have the medium tread necessary in Australia. The lights should be standardized. The windscreen wipers must be working well. The spare tire must be secured. There should be no leaking of fluids.

As a first step to shipping a car to Australia, just fill in our online estimate form with your details. Very soon, we will get back to you with customized quotes from highly professional car shipping companies. All you will then need to do is select a company for shipping your car to Australia and let them handle the rest for you.


Cars, vehicles can be imported into Australia, but most European cars will need to be modified to meet Australia’s requirements. Customs duties are also payable for an idea on how much this would be before shipping for cars that have not been owned previously in Australia, an import permit will be necessary. This can be obtained from the FTAC (Federal Transport Authority in Canberra).

Australia custom regulations - Returning residence & Permanent visitors

*Obtain a Vehicle Import Approval (VIA) before shipping the Vehicle Safety. *Pay customs duty, Goods and Services Tax (GST) and luxury car tax (LCT) where it is applicable and obtain customs clearance at the port of entry. *You may make arrangements to ship a car to Australia after you are issued with a valid VIA.

Once you have initiated shipping of your car, vehicle to Australia you may put an import declaration with Customs either; electronically, document at a Customs counter or you may use the services of a licensed customs broker to deal with Customs requirements on your behalf. Your car may be entered into home consumption / licensed warehouse.

*If your car has a value below the import entry point (AUD1000) it may be cleared by Customs by lodging a self-assessed clearance (SAC) declaration. A VIA is required regardless of the value of the car. Duty payable is determined by the valuation of your goods. *GST applies to most imported vehicles. There are a few exemptions from the GST, one being vehicles for disabled people are subject to certain conditions. If no exemptions apply, GST is applied at 10% of the value of the taxable importation (VoTI).

*For imported motor vehicles the VoTI is the sum of the customs value (CV), any duty payable & the amount paid or payable to transport the goods to Australia and to insure the goods for the transport (T&I).

*LCT applies to cars (except motor cycles or similar vehicles) that are designed to carry a load of less than two tonnes and fewer than nine passengers and above a certain value

Marine Insurance:

We would strongly recommend that you purchase Marine Insurance to cover the shipment of your car or bike. Shipping lines, stevedores, freight depots and hauliers and other parties are legally protected against many claims, and even if they are liable you may only receive a few pounds in compensation – almost certainly a lot less than the value of your car or bike. We at Excess Luggage have a strict policy that we do not accept shipment of any un–insured cargo with a value of over £2000.


Please note that you should insure your car or bike for the value your car or bike will have in the country your vessel is going to. If you buy a car in the Europe /UK and the value of your car is higher in the Australia, you should insure the vehicle for the higher value in the Australia. If you under insure the Insurance company might not pay out in full in the unlikely event of you having to make a claim.

Marine Insurance brokers: Tel: 0113 3919326

We ship from the UK to DESTINATIONS near Perth. We are a Specialists Car shipping company to; Get A Quote

Australia AQIS Custom form. PDF

shipping from Perth SA to UK Shipping:

Shipping from Perth to UK please see our import page to the UK or contact customer services.

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