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Shipping to Afghanistan, Excess Luggage to Afghanistan, air cargo to Afghanistan, sea shipping services to Afghanistan.

We are a UK based company that has been providing international freight forwarding services. We offer a full range of cost effective and reliable international freight forwarding services to and from the UK. We have a dedicated team of freight forwarders with extensive experience of all aspects of international freight transport and customs procedures. Excess luggage shipping company offer effective cargo and excess luggage solutions daily for people moving from the UK. We have built our reputation on customer service; reliability, choice, and customer satisfaction since 2001 have helped many people including students to relocate from the UK with small excess baggage moves all over the Globe.

To ship your urgent Cargo or documents, parcels via courier service, cargo services, airfreight, sea freight, unaccompanied personal effects through our Excess-Luggage Shipping service to Afghanistan. Send cargo to Kabul, send excess baggage Kabul , send unaccompanied baggage, unaccompanied luggage, send cars and trucks via Pakistan to Kabul. Full Container Loads are the best way is to send goods to Kabul if send by sea, transiting via Karachi, Pakistan. What is important is to use the right transport company for onwards transportation (Overland) from Karachi to Kabul via Torkham Border we at excess luggage have the right partners in place for the piece of mind in Pakistan and in Kabul.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a landlocked country in South-Central Asia. It is variously described as being located within Central Asia, South Asia, Western Asia, or the Middle East. It is bordered by Iran in the west, Pakistan in the south and east, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the north, and China in the far northeast.

Afghanistan has a long history, and has been an ancient focal point of the Silk Road and migration. It is an important geostrategic location, connecting East and West Asia or the Middle East. Its capital was shifted in 1776 from Kandahar to Kabul; it is an economic and cultural centre, situated in a narrow valley, wedged between the Hindu Kush Mountains along the Kabul River. The city is linked with Ghazni, Kandahar, Herat and Mazar-e Sharif via a circular highway that stretches across the country. It is also the start of the main road to Jalalabad and, further on, Peshawar, Pakistan.

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International shipping, excess-baggage whether by sea or air can appear to be a complicated and confusing process, to some destinations it is, but with years of experience in shipping and courier service all over the world we have created simple international shipping solutions.

There are customs formalities to be completed upon arrival in Afghanistan for excess luggage so there are official forms to be filled in, it is a quite straight forward process that you should be able to complete yourself, at no extra cost, if you do need help our agent will be available to assist you. The good news is that there is no VAT on Export of excess-luggage of goods out of the UK. The online excess luggage price quoted is what you will pay to arrival at the port subject to service level you choose; we accept payment by cash, credit card and cheque. Please note that your excess Baggage / goods will only be dispatched once your cheque has cleared. You can also bank the funds directly in to our bank account. A fax confirmation will be requested once you have done so., for excess luggage to process your luggage / excess baggage, excess bags for shipping to Afghanistan. For more information please call our customer services on :

Excess Luggage Free Phone UK: 0800 096 38 39
Excess Baggage Local / Int’l: + 44 (0) 845 270 7186
e-mail: info@excessluggage.co.uk

Shipping to Kabul; Afghanistan

We ship from the UK to DESTINATIONS in Afghanistan by air or sea.   


Kabul Afghanistan  

Kandahar Afghanistan  

Ghazni  Afghanistan  

Herat Afghanistan

Shipping to Kabul, Excess Luggage to Kabul, air cargo to Kabul, sea shipping services to Kabul.

Shipping has never been so easy; our on-line freight quote system allows you to see the price you will pay whether you are using Excess luggage we can supply cartons or you can use your own parcel, boxes, bags or suitcases.

Please note all personal effects; excess luggage, student shipping shipments to Afghanistan sub-continent destinations must have a packing list and photocopy of the consignee’s passport. The shipper and consignee must be the same person and must be traveling to destination or have traveled with in last three months. Original passport and airline tickets will be required for customs clearance.

Shipping has never been so easy; our on-line freight quote system allows you to see the price you will pay whether you are using Excess luggage to ship by air, sea we tend to utilize road services for movements to and from Europe, we can supply cartons or you can use your own boxes, bags or suitcases.

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Excess Luggage for personal effects will require a full detailed, valued packing list of the unaccompanied, personal effects, excess baggage being shipped and a photo copy of the shipper’s passport. Personal effects, Excess baggage shipping, Excess luggage shipping, Personal effects are only permitted only for persons traveling. If the shipper is not traveling then the goods being sent will be classified as commercial goods, which can be liable to Duties & Taxes upon arrival in the country. The shipper and consignee must be the same person and must be traveling to destination. Original passport and airline tickets will be required for customs clearance. Please be aware of new customs regulations regarding reporting of cargo prior to arrival. Excess Luggage rates do not include some local charges which are related to customs clearance, such as Customs screening, which vary according to destination. Please be aware that quarantine fees will also apply and timescale for delivery averages 5 – 10 working days. To assist with the clearance of personal effects we would ask that the following is provided at time of shipment:

  1. Copy of Travelers passport page with photograph.
  2. Copies of any visa’s or work permits
  3. A detailed packing list
  4. An original, completed unaccompanied baggage form signed by the consignee, who must be the traveler / owner of the goods.

Afghanistan Customs & Quarantine procedures often require personal effects to be inspected. Delivery of personal effects cannot be made until both Customs and quarantine procedures are settled by the consignee. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit cards are accepted.

Send suitcase to Afghanistan: send excess luggage Afghanistan,

You are most welcome to send your suitcase’s or luggage / baggage ahead by our air cargo service to the major airports in Afghanistan. How ever the shipper must provide a copy of passport , and copy of the Airline ticket as well as a valued packing list. Other wise the luggage / suitcase / baggage sent could be classified as general cargo.

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Customs Info :

 Afghanistan Customs link

Commercial cargo Restrictions:

  • 3 commercial / pro-forma invoices required for customs in arrival country.
  • Full consignee details along with contact telephone number. No PO Boxes or Village address accepted.
  • No Hazardous of flammable material will be accepted or contraband.


Our agent is currently providing import/export customs clearance to for large Telecom company of Afghanistan. Clients including Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens Germany, Nokia Siemens Networks, Etisalat UAE, US Embassy, ISAF Forces, Dyno Corp, etc and clear more than 100 shipments on monthly basis.

Ariana Intl. Logistic & Trading Co. (AILT)
AILT Building, Street No. 8,
Taimani, Kabul,

Packing Tips;

Make sure every box / Carton / piece / luggage is somehow labeled with your last name and arrival address info. Be sure to tape all of the seams of the cartons (top, bottom and side). So that cartons do not collapse be sure they are filled to the top, using packing materials to fill any unused spaces. If you still have space then cut the carton down carefully and tape it up well.


If possible, pack appliances in the original boxes using the original packing materials. Otherwise wrap smaller appliances in bubble wrap before placing them in cartons. Professional packing services available.

Send a car to Kabul, ship a car to Afghanistan. Air cargo cars to Kabul. Professional aircraft charter expert service from Asia to Kabul (KBL) shipment of cars. AIR CARGO CHARTER TO KABUL, AFGANISTAN

Car vehicle Shipping to Afghanistan ; Kabul

Car is shipped in an ‘individual use’ sol sealed 20’ Container from the London warehouse. Ships normally sail every week taking 4–6 weeks in transit to Karachi. It can take a further 2 weeks road transport before a car is ready to be collected from Kabul for customs clearance.

A booking is made by completing our application for shipping form and can be made up to 3 months or as little as two week before shipment. A copy of V5 the UK registration document is required.

The Personal Import requirements are normally that Jordanian permanent residency is required with only one car per person allowed which must have been owned and used in the UK for a minimum period of 12 months unless the vehicle is older than 1989.

Items packed inside a car travel free of charge. A list of goods is required for export for U.K customs as well as arrival customs and quarantine and these would be cleared separately from the vehicle. Afghanistan car shipping to Kabul. For more information of shipping cars please contact our customer service team on :

Shipping from Afghanistan to UK, see our import page or contact customer services.

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